VersaMailer Direct Mail

VersaMailer makes targeted direct mail simple, fast, and effective. Our uniquely durable plastic postcard stands out among typical paper and card stock direct mail pieces.


We help businesses and marketers reach prospective customers by creating an affordable, turnkey approach to create customized programs. View our case studies here.

While physical direct mail already has an impressive response rate, VersaMailer boasts customer responses up to 7.6 times higher than typical direct mail!

Our plastic postcard design includes 3 layers for lightweight durability. 5 mil plastic laminate covers both sides of our 20 mil card stock, creating a 30 mil plastic postcard.

VersaMailer is one of only a few USPS-approved laminated postcard vendors. Our knowledge and expertise allow us to provide the lowest possible price per piece.

Data Options:

  • Barcode Generation and Application
  • Variable Image and Text Printing