Card Carriers

Card Sleeve                                                               Style A

Style C                                                                          Style E

Card Slider


Valerian card carriers and sleeves showcase your brand to make your gift card stand out with a nice visual finish and enhances the gift-giving experience.

Our stock preprinted carriers are a great, cost-effective addition to your gift card that come in two folding styles or one hanging style. Printed on a beautiful white cast coated one side greeting card stock the outside features “A Gift For You”. 

Custom printed carriers are the perfect companion and provide an instant gift wrapping experience.  It’s easy just choose one of our stock styles or create your own choosing a unique folding style or paper finish.

Gift card paper sleeves and envelopes are great for presentation. We offer our stock blank white 24# White Woven with a unique thumb notch cut out. Also available in your own custom print design.

Our gift card slider leaves a strong lasting impression as it makes gift card giving fun and interactive for the card receiver. 

Ask about our new generic card carriers in Styles A & E!