What is the Difference between PVC & Teslin®?


When ordering your plastic cards, you are often asked about which core materials should you use for your cards. The quality of the card used in card printing is directly related to the quality of the finished product. PVC and Teslin® are the predominate choices for materials used in the production of plastic cards. At Valerian, we manufacture gift cards on a PVC and use Teslin® for our loyalty and custom shape products.

One of the most frequent questions is

What is the difference between the two materials?”

Below is a comparison list of each core material to help you make an informed decision that better fits what you are looking for:


Polyvinyl Chloride White Surface

Optimal Image Quality

Meets all ISO standards for card use

Compatible with magnetic stripe applications

Durable: Same material used in Mastercard or Visa cards


Synthetic substrate

Superior color consistency

Can be laminated for additional rigidity and luster

Flexible: Can be die-cut into various shapes & sizes with steel die rules