How Do Plastic Cards Play a Role in Event Planning?

We are still a quarter through the new year and a lot of businesses and event planners are still busy coordinating and planning for this year’s sales conferences, trade shows, conventions and expos. Aside from finding the right location or getting the word out about your event, plastic cards play a role in event planning in many ways.

Plastic Badges:

Create a unique experience for your attendees with digitally printed custom badges. Event badges make your attendees feel special while giving them exclusive access to your convention, trade shows, festival, convert or other special events. The front can easily identify the attendee and the event while the back of the badge can include the event rules, schedules, map, things to remember, etc. The bright colors from the digitally printed badges will be perfect for memorable keepsakes.

Branded Hotel RFID Cards:AccessCards

Holding a large-scale event at a hotel venue? How about branding your event on the hotel RFID cards which your attendees will be using? This form of branding at the venue where your attendees will be staying will make the event even more memorable and special!


Plastic Business Cards:

Make a lasting impression! How will you stand out amongst a stack of paper business cards from a trade show? Go plastic! The smooth, hard texture of plastic business cards will instantly grab the attention of the receiver. You can take an extra step and make your plastic business cards clear, metallic, varnished, soft-touched, or in custom dies.

Brand your event and make it unforgettable by utilizing these plastic cards listed above! Learn more about what Valerian can offer to the event management industry.